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tv   The War Room  Current  February 19, 2013 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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(vo)it's no longer allowed and never should have been. which means that if many of the stories we heard are true, "searched me found a bag of weed" "he took it out of my back pocket" "they didn't recover it from my hand, they recovered it from my cigarette pack" (vo)most of the people we met should never have been arrested. once again we asked the nypd to talk to us and again they declined. it wasn't surprising; if we'd learned anything, it's that america's marijuana laws are a conflicted, unequally enforced mess, where one state's entrepreneur is the federal government's felon. and the ground is always shifting. >>so what's going to happen? >>we are going to see this issue fought out in the court of public opinion. it is in periods like this that we really see change happen. (vo)if recent history is any indication, it seems impossible to predict exactly what kind of change we can expect.
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>> michael: this is "the war room." i'm michael shure. we start with controversial fabricators and fabricateed
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supervisors. sequestration came in a close second. are you ready for a skirmish over the sequester? president obama is ready to rumble. we have ten days until march march 1st. that's when $85 billion across the board cuts go in a affect if congress doesn't not act. this is the case about jobs. president added agents from the fbi and border control to the list of job cuts if there is not a deal it avert this. >> obama: these cuts are not smart. they are not fair. they will hurt our economy. they will add hundreds of thousands of americans to the unemployment roles. this is not an abstraction. people will lose their jobs. >> michael: now time sequester
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to jobs of public safety seems like a smart move but the house and baner is not impressed. but once again the president offered no. weighing in during a chat hosted by political key. >> they are dumb. they are stupid, stupid, stupid. they're stupid because first of all. >> they are. >> look, there is no business in the country that makes these cuts across the board. you go in there and you try to surgically cut those things that have the least adverse on productiveity. >> michael: he said stupid stupid, stupid. bowels and simpson are trying to get it under control but to do that they say the sequester must
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be averted. we'll go in with donnie fowler. back at washington vice president biden took his gun safety to facebook. the town hall was streamed live and one of the first questions asked was how law-abiding citizens would protect themselves with high capacity magazines. the vice president aired advice you might not have offered to get. >> if you want to protect yourself get a double barrel shotgun. have the shells, fire two blasts outside the house. i promise you whoever is coming in is not--you don't need an ar-15. it's harder 20 aim. it's harder to use. and in fact you don't need 30 rounds to protect yourself. buy a shotgun. >> michael: who said democrats aren't pro gun. i sense we won't hear the last of this. 24this issue could not be more
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urgent. 1,961 americans have died in gun violence that's 75 newtowns since newtown 37 think newtown think about that. in colorado the lower house passed four gun safety bills which expanded background checks and limited magazines to 15 rounds. now we move to the hallowed halls of the supreme court. the court is jumping back into the cesspool that is money and politics. they will hear a challenge to the maximum dollar amount an individual down consider give. federal law limits donations to $46,200 to candidates and $7,600 to pacs. yes, it is the republican party bringing the case because they is a it violates an alabama's donor right to free speech.
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money does talk and we'll see what walks. for a quick look at this case and the stakes for that we turn to "huffington post" reporter paul blumenthal. thank you for being on the show. i want to ask you why the supreme court decided now to take this case up? >> well, i mean this case has been moving up through the courts, through the federal court system for a couple of years now. and it was recently went through a recent court of appeals where she didn't want to challenge the previous precedent about campaign contribution limits, and the court today picked this one which may be a big signal that they're willing to challenge the precedence since 1976 that has upheld campaign contribution limits to candidates for the entire time since then.
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>> michael: you watch the courts closer than the average american does, by that, i mean me, certainly. i remember during citizens united you felt it was coming up through the supreme court system. is there a case as big as the citizens united case? >> it could be potentially. if they got rid of the bi-annual limit you know, this gets--even more concentrated when you look at the way that leadership and presidential candidates have been using these things called victory committees. whether john boehner or abraham has a victory committee it can be connected to other committees. they could raise potentially from one donor a $1 million contribution and spread it out
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to the other candidates and republican parties whether the democratic or republican party. it allows the candidate to solicit a $1 million. >> michael: which is extraordinary. we know republicans are bringing this case. but we know people like floyd abrams and others have not-limiting this as a free speech issue. where do they stand on free speech. >> there is a divide and has been ever since sandra day owe o'connor left, and replaced that's how they came down in cities eyecitizens united and it looks that's how they'll come down in
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mccutcheons. >> michael: now we return to the campaign front where mark sanford is fine tuning his campaign message for the house seat. he's turning that pesky negative, the one about running off to argentina to visit your mistress while telling everyone you're taking, he's turning it into talking points. >> i absolutely failed in my personal life and my marriage. but one place i didn't ever fail was with the taxpayer. if you look at my 20 years in politics what you would see is a fairly remarkable consistency in trying to watch out for the taxpayer. >> reporter: sanford released an ad mentioning god in the same breath as second chances. this guy knows his condition sit wents. senator rubio visited
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the palace with his wife. get used to this duo. the next time we see them it could be in iowa getting ready for 2016. and last week we brought you how the obama administration plans to protect our cyberinfrastructure. now a report ties the chinese government to dozens of cyberattacks on u.s. banks government agencies and other industries. abc has the details from washington. >> reporter: the cyberattacks have hit some of the largest u.s. constitutions, banks, military contractors and energy companies. and a new report from an u.s. cybersecurity firm points the finger at the chinese government. this nondescript office in
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shanghai is believed headquarters for a chinese army unit. the chinese government and military deny the accuindications butaccusationsbut there is skepticism. >> they're not going to allow this amount of hacking without controlling it. >> reporter: 100 organizations and companies were hacked, including coca-cola. how does this type of international hacking affect average americans? u.s. investigators say this amounts to economic he espionage it could cost countless americans jobs. >> there is no question about it. cyberwarfare cyberattacks, cybertheft are the future. >> reporter: today the white house would not comment directly on the report. >> we have repeatedly raised our
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concerns about the highest levels of cybertheft with the chinese we'll continue to do so. >> reporter: president obama used his state of the union address to highlight the cyberthreat. coming up we'll dive deeper on the politics behind sequestration with donnie fowler. plus ted cruz promised he was going to come into washington and do things his own way no matter who it upset. to which republicans are now responding wait, you were serious about that? and later sometimes the problem is so big that the obvious solution some how seems too simple. we'll introduce to you a company working to overcome that mindset, and to save millions of lives in the process. you're in the war room, and we'll be right back.
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save them. woolite everyday cleans your jeans and won't torture your tanks. woolite washed clothes look like new, longer. you know who is coming on to me now? you know the kind of guys that do reverse mortgage commercials? those types are coming on to me all the time now. (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. you would rather deal with ahmadinejad than me. >>absolutely. >> and so would mitt romney. (vo) she's joy behar. >>and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking? [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> michael: you're back inside "the war room."
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i'm michael shure. the president just got back from vacation but congress is still away. this didn't stop them from issuing a warning on the sequester that goes in affect in ten days if no agreement is reached. >> obama: so now republicans in congress face a simple choice. are they willing to compromise? to protect vital investments in education, healthcare and national security, and all the jobs that depend on them, or would they rather put hundreds of thousands of jobs and our entire economy at risk to protect a few certainly interest loopholes that affect only a the wealthy and corporations. >> michael: it will kick in slashing $85 billion over the next seven months. almost 1 trillion-dollar over the next ten years. cutting small business loans by
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$900 million. and eliminateing 776,000 healthcare jobs and overall job growth cut by 750,000 jobs. will congress really do nothing? where will that leave them and the president politically? joining me now is democratic strategy d oh onnie fowler. welcome back inside "the war room"." >> glad to be here. >> michael: why now. everybody is out of town right now and the president chooses today to go up and talk about that. >> he's defining the debate. he has the bully pulpit, i assume as teddy roosevelt. he has the opportunity. he's not 500 members of congress. he is is a single president and he's trying to define the discussion in the debate. >> michael: he talked today john boehner came at him today. there are still people who will spike in opposition of what the president is doing. is it still an effective way to do it while everyone is out of
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town. >> if everyone is out of town, you're the one who gets to talk the most. it's not that republicans will be silent or others who are trying to find a solution will be silent. but this is a debate of micro versus macro. when the government talks about wasteful speaking. that's macro. president is talking micro. let's talk about what it does. it paves our roads repairs our bridges, pays for our police and soldiers. wait a minute. those programs need to be supported. you're talking about social security and medicare, school funding. >> michael: it goes deeper. >> micro win force the democrats, and micro wins. >> michael: when you're talking about first responders, that is a page out of ronald reagan reagan/george w. bush. it makes me cringe on one hand, but then it worked for them. is this a smart thing to do.
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>> the american people are willing to pay money for certain government services. those services are things that they depend on every day. police. firefighters are the two most important in their mind. when that fire happens when that crime happens they want toes services right away. i don't know if it's a republican or democratic thing. i don't think it's skin tall. it's what the people are paying for. >> michael: i don't know if it's cynical, but it feels manipulative. >> why is it different. >> michael: it felt different to me. >> when you bring up kids who want an education when you bring up poor people who need a helping hand while they're out of work. that's making a point to win a debate to win the agenda, to win the agenda. >> michael: it's proven that it works. it just doesn't sit well with me. >> we need to give you more. >> michael: yes, we go. here to give us cynicism is our
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friend rush limbaugh. just because the senate and the house was outlets listen to what rush limbaugh is doing. >> by design there isn't any commonality. this is all b.s. this is all positioning. this is all obama campaigning not governing. >> michael: okay well, of course, you're going to get that out of limbaugh, but you know-- >> no one ever accused rush limbaugh of being an idiot but it doesn't make him good. >> michael: isn't the president by engaging limbaugh this way isn't the president winning in a way. everybody is out of town, and limbaugh is answering him isn't that a victory. >> limbaugh continues to be the dominant voice in the conservative movement. he commands listeners he's on every day three hours a day. the problem republicans have is
3:21 pm
rush limbaugh becomes their face and voice and tone of that party. too many are following his way. look, the results are the results. the republicans lost the presidency. they double down on beating obama on healthcare. they double down to beat obama to slash government spending. they doubled down on obama to invade another country and they lost. when you have no leadership these democrat gods like limbaugh are able to rise above that. >> michael: what do they do--let's talk about what they do on march 1st. the republicans are going to keep losing and losing. >> you have speaker john boehner controlled by the republicans. he's caught between a rock and a hard place. he's caught between the tea party movement and trying to be responsible leader. he can't be both. and you've got the senate, who--i mean, you have speaker bane who are has said, i'm not going to go first this time with the house.
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we're going to give it to the senate and they have to go first. >> michael: right. >> what you've got is this dance that speaker boehner is trying to do, and he has not proven that he can do it. he has not. delivered his the own republican party. the problem is at the end of the day the house still has to vote on something. they still have to vote on something. >> michael: i love the point that you're making, donnie. because he's in in a lose-lose situation, he said senate take it over. i'm tired of this. i can't win. >> he has said that. >> michael: has he said, screw the tea party. >> well, the thing for speaker boehner to make it more clear is he willing to give up the speakership to do something more responsible, or he's so empowered by his power and he'll do whatever the tea party wants him to. >> michael: we know that he won't give up the speakership.
3:23 pm
>> maybe no one else wants it. >> michael: well, that's a possible able. thank you donnie fowler. what is to be done with senator ted cruz of texas. am that's the question in both parties. [ ♪ music ♪ ]
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>> michael: senator ted cruz was testified to be the g.o.p. savior, the young tough-talking hispanic legislator in texas. he has made a name for himself as a pontificating spot-light loving extremist blow hard. he was one of 22 senators who voted against the violence against women act. he voted against john kerry's confirmation as secretary of state, and even slammed kerry as well as chuck hagel for bean
3:27 pm
anti-military even though both of them serve honorably while cruz spent his formertive years strolling the leafy campuses of princeton and harvard. here he is shapelessly bashing kerry and haig. >> well, we have two pending nominations. john kerry, chuck hagel. both of whom are very prominently less than ardent fans of the u.s. military. >> michael: unbelievable. after those comments even senator john mccain told him to tone it down. and mccain has bipartisan support on this one. democratic senators dianne feinstein and claire mccaskill compared him to joseph mccarthy who accused american citizens of being communist. but toning it down is not in his repertoire. he was at it again.
3:28 pm
just to give you flavor for the place, this is the poster for larue tactical where the senator chose to call president obama's gun control initiatives wrong. those are mild from what he said in the past. cruz argued that the gun show loophole does not exist. he's a loophole truther. >> there actually isn't the so-called gun show loophole. that does not exist. >> michael: reminder, this man has degrees from harvard and princeton. clearly republicans have not learned from the last election. when americans made it clear that they do not reward crazy. cruz is now headline the super bowl of the conservative right. craze rewards crazy. he was at ted cruz's speech today and he comes to us from austin.
3:29 pm
welcome to the war room. >> great to be here. >> michael: in his speech today did he change tack at all following the criticism he got for his behavior especially from his own party in the senate. >> one thing he doesn't have in his repertoire is reverse. he didn't move away from anything. he was rankled a little bit by mccarthy comments although frankly among his voters and this wing of the party here. texas it's a good thing to be called a mccarthy-ite. he was up defending himself casting himself as a victim of the media and the democrats who don't want to know why chuck hagel got his money and clearly wants to establish gun control and take everybody's guns. so he was in rare form today. wasn't backing off from anything and in a sense i think enjoying all the political spotlight that he's under urgent
3:30 pm
now as the sharpest elbows in d.c. >> michael: you know listening to you describe that, wayne, it seems that texas voters are getting what they wanted when they elected him. how is what he doing being received by voters in texas? >> pretty well from what i can see. those voters who voted for ted cruz, one thing that i heard him say and he has said in the last few days in the heart of criticism in washington is hey wait minute. did you pay attention to what i said as a candidate. i'm going to washington to shape things up. i'm not going to join the club. so when lindsey graham and john mccain and somebody else suggests that freshman ought to be seen, not heard when they say why don't you do a deal sometime, not just show how you can throw bombs, that is the kind of message well received by his folks at home. when he ran for election last
3:31 pm
year in the primary among others things was he warned that the united nations were out to get our highways and our golf courses under something called agenda 21. kind of a black helicopter thing. the point is that he was suggesting that those who disagreed with him as a candidate were enemies of the state. so the guy you see today is exactly the guy who promised the voters he would do this when he arrived in washington. >> michael: it's such unprecedented, crazy dogma. to say those things about kerry and hagel aside listening to what you're saying, i don't remember a freshman senator having any sort of a coming out in this way. so i wonder when you have him there in the senate, you have other tea party members, rand paul how is that going to
3:32 pm
change the tenor of the senate? >> well, first it will change the tenor of the senate. he kind of replaced jim demint as the conservative strong voice. demint was his idol and he talked about demint when he ran for office. it continues this sharp division in the senate. it also means some of us here in texas are not likely going to get a lot of money for our highways and for our military bases because we have two senators certainly ted cruz is not only alienating democrats which he sees as his job. but he's alienateing fellow republicans in some stature which he says that's fine. that's what i was sent to watch to do-- >> michael: when he is protect protecting their golf courses
3:33 pm
from the united nations. you have to give him points on. let's go to what you've written about. you have a new column about how evangelical voters are getting behind immigration reform. >> yes. >> michael: does this show another skissism in schism with the republican party. >> i think it does. these evangelicals, and many of them are republicans, and they're more often republicans but what i think when i talk to these folks pastors in various places in the country and in texas, they're brought to the immigration debate as a biblical construct. this is what the bible says. if that is the case, business comes when it's good for business immigration he form while law enforcement sees it to its own advantage. if evangelicals were at the heart of the republican right wing of the party in past elections now say i am going to divide from that right wing on the issue of immigration for
3:34 pm
public reasons it is yet norquist, another crack in the overall republican party in the united states. >> michael: yes, and now you say the united states. i would say texas is the microcosm there with the immigration and tea party there boom, we have another divide there. i want to ask you quickly do you think that ted cruz going now with what we just talk with the schism, do you think ted cruz is looking at marco rubio to tie these two stories together as an enemy and as something he's going up against? >> actually he was complimentary of rubio today. but again, it's because of the enemy of my enemy is my friend. and in this case, the friend of the enemy is the enemy: he said this are people who criticized marco rubio did so in a way that
3:35 pm
was racially motivated. he suggested as much today at this event. i think he sees rubio ahead of him in the pecking order but sooner or later within four to six years you may very well see rubio and cruz as significant competitors with each other as the demographics shift significantly in texas and elsewhere. >> michael: i would not doubt that. of the dallas morning news that is wayne slater. up next the flip side of the immigration party. tech companies are starving for skilled workers and the government is in no hurry to fill their appetite. that story is next in "the war room."
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> michael: the immigration debate often centers on paths of assists for undocumented workers and their children. but in silicon valley where two-thirds of science and tech
3:39 pm
jobs are filled by foreign-born workers immigration reform means something completely different. the number of h-11b video cans have been capped, a figure tech companies say is far to low to meet their labor demands. they would provide housing and office space for start ups run by foreign talent. and because they're in foreign waters they would by pass the visa laws. they have already receive 300 applications of start-up companies all interested in coming aboard. and the interest in blue seed many many entrepreneurs are not waiting around for immigration reform. russ, the co-founder of the
3:40 pm
start up send hub which specializes for business. his company has found that the time and money needed to hire foreign talent is prohibitive. hear to talk to me about this is ash rush. you came to the united states in 2008 on a temporary 0-1 visa. what was that process like for you. >> it was pretty tough. this is my visa application. it took months of work, and about $10,000, but if you can't wait until october for h-1b employee there aren't many options. >> michael: what were the challenges. did you get a green card right away. >> no, this is just a visa to work at one company and it's temporary. >> michael: what happens. >> you have to leave the country if you don't have another visa or another job in cases of the
3:41 pm
h-1b. >> michael: in 2011 you founded this company. the whole idea was business communications. but u.s. immigration presented huge problems for. >> you when i first moved here in 2008 i had this fancy visa, and it was only to work at this one company. they were failing and. in 2009 they got me a h-1b in a depressed market so i was lucky. in my second job they couldn't afford to get me a green card. i had to hang around on the r-1b. it wasn't until later that they were able to process a green card for me. and i've been lucky. for a lot of people it's worse. if you have a family or mortgage it's easy to be held hostage by your employer. >> michael: you experienced that as an employee and an prosecutoremployer,what as an employer
3:42 pm
are the disastrous parties of employing here. >> the h-1b cap is restrict pitchrestrictive,expensive, and i usually can't wait until october to hire. >> michael: the obvious question is why do you need to bother are foreign born. i know you were foreign-born but why do you need to bother with foreign-born when america has a people graduating every may and june. >> if they were applying, that would be great. not everyone is applying for jobs in silicon valley. and if there are enough qualified people. the reality is 90% of the people who want the jobs in silicon valley are highly quality tied qualified people who want jobs. >> michael: blue seed coming here is an amazing and wild
3:43 pm
thing. when i read that story what do you think of blue seed and are you worried about losing your potential good employees to other countries. >> i think blue seed is an interesting area. i hope it works out because it demonstrates how severe this problem is. but from our perspective i don't think it's written anywhere that the american empire will last forever, and we're already starting to see that shift. the tart-up visas in canada, europe they'll set up shops in mexico, chile is paying companies $45,000 to go there and start a company. meanwhile, facebook has growing offices in dublin and google is complaining of immigration issues. >> michael: i know a lot of ceos are putting their effort into comprehensive immigration reform. you believe it should be stand alone. it should not be part of
3:44 pm
comprehensive reform, is that right? >> true. congress has approval rating of 14%. without overwhelming pressure i wouldn't trust them with a box of matches. comprehensive immigration re retournament is a divisive simple but visa and start up they would more likely to succeed. >> michael: it's a conversation you don't see very often because we all have one idea of what immigration reform would look like and what they work towards but this is a very serious part of the economy and it's being hurt by too strict of an immigration policy. >> 40% of companies were found by immigrants or their children. it's starving this country of the same kind of risk takers that made the american economy. >> michael: really interesting stuff. something that you don't hear
3:45 pm
too much about immigration. coming up, dirty smoke from dirty stoves. it kills humans and wrecks the advisement. but fear not. technology and hillary clinton are riding to the rescue. that's next in "the war room." ♪ ♪ try mach3 sensitive, with three high-definition blades. a closer shave in a single stroke for less irritation, even on sensitive skin. ♪ ♪ get closer to the one you love. ♪ ♪ gillette mach3 sensitive. gillette. the best a man can get.
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>> michael: and we head now to "the young turks" to see what cenk uygur has planned for tonight's show. hey cenk. >> cenk: hey michael as usual we have a whole game not for you. elizabeth warren, the new rock star on the senate. very few people trying to hold the bangers bankers accountable. but they're robbing us blind. we have an incredible story about whistle blower. it's amazing how much the obama administration has cracked down on whistle blowers. and we have a story on l.a. women and what's wrong with
3:49 pm
them. and then of all things michael shure talking about the sequester. >> michael: there's the elbow cenk, we'll be watching. we'll see you at the top of the hour. for this next story let's turn now to rural africa. a little bit away from los angeles and "the young turks" where a serious problem is already impacting the rest of the global community. in answer african communities many people burn charcoal and wood. it's common worldwide. 40% of the world's population burn this type of fuel. the problem is the smoke from these fires is incredibly dirty. it can cause pneumonia or lung cancer. every year 4 million people die because of these dirty coke stoves making it at least twice as deadly and malaria. here is a woman named sarah in sub-sahara cooking over these
3:50 pm
fires. >> the smoke from cooking affects us. the old stoves. that's just the way they are. [ coughing ] they make this world black. they also make us black inside. >> michael: she's right. this dirty smoke is not only bad for human health but for the health of the planet as well. each dirty cook stove producessed a much carbon dioxide as a car. and it might produce more black carbon another type of pollutant that is a contributor to climate change second only to carbon dioxide. the issue became a top priority for former secretary of state hillary clinton who committed $12 million to funding clean cook stoves during her term. in january she described why she fought for the initiative as hard as she did. >> when i first started beating the drums on this alliance there were people who said, oh, there she goes again.
3:51 pm
clean cook stoves, what does that have to do with world peace, prosperity, humans rights rights democracy and freedom? well everything, actually. >> michael: here to tell us why clean cook stoves has everything to do with democracy and freedom is peter scott, the ceo and finding of burn design laboratory that has 500 cook stoves in 13 different african countries. thank you so much for joining us in the war room. tell us about what your group does and how that fits in exactly with what secretary clinton's initiative is. >> we design and manufacture clean burning cook stoves. our specialty is to do that in-country. we go to kenya to manufacture millions of clean-burning cook
3:52 pm
stoves. >> michael: how big of a threat is this to the environment? how big is this to health? should we all be concerned about this? >> absolutely. we look at how people are using bio mass. it's either wood or charcoal. if people are using wood,s the equivalent of them being exposed to 4,000 cigarettes per day of secondhand smoke. watching 100 episodes of man "mad men." it's actually bankrupting families. a family made spend $500 a year on charcoal. so 30% of their income, and charcoal production is destructive. ten tons of wood to create one ton of charcoal. it's an enormous issue and it's coming it the fore and having
3:53 pm
hillary clinton the spokesperson, the female pope, if there was such a thing the pope of the cook stove world which has been a push a and boon to the work i've been doing these past several years. >> michael: i wonder if she knows she's the pope of the cook stove. it's helpful for women these cook stoves are why? >> women are the ones cooking in the kitchen, and they often have children on their back. if go to a place like central america they might be cooking over an open fire for 8 to 12 horse a day. africa, less than that, but it's really the women who are exposed to that. that's what leads to pneumonia. it's interesting the 4 million people or deaths you reported really only came out two months ago. people are just waking up to what the impact is. then our ability to really address it as really accelerated
3:54 pm
in the last few years. no one really put much time into designing a super fuel-efficient charcoal stove. it's a handful of us who have been working on it for a long time. really the money and support has really come in the last few years. >> michael: so you're peter scott sitting at home in seattle, washington, how do you come to this issue? >> well, i went to africa when i was 20, and i saw deforestation in congo and got down on my knees and said i would devote my life to saving the forests of africa. for me hillary clinton's announcement last month was the realization of the vision i had a long time ago. we're just getting started. i worked in this for a very long time but to have funding from g.e. and opic to fund this is really an game changer. poor people to use bio mass, wood charcoal gung dung in a
3:55 pm
sustainable way. reliance will only increase in africa with 800 million people relying on bio mass. it's not going to go away. many thought they'll climb the energy ladder, they'll get electric stoves. that's not happening. many people are going down from electricity to wood and charcoal. we need to put money and resources behind that. you mentioned in layer i can't, you know, the research dollars are not there. there has been $10 million to $15 million put together by the global alliance but this needs hundreds of millions of dollars. there are many people exposed to the toxic smoke on a daily basis. we need western government to support in research. it's a win-win for everyone. with that production line we can manufacture that in the u.s. create jobs and we have labs in washington state and we building
3:56 pm
them in countries and supports them. >> michael: it's good and i wasn't to a ranger game and i wanted to be a hockey player when i was a little kid. you went to the congo and look at what you're doing. that's peter scott founder of burn design lab. up next brett erlich will take us to the white house press corp, he takes them to task for carrying about the things that he carries about. yes, even he realizes that is a bad thing. >> coming up the ban from the president's golf game and i'll tell you what fore does. then you pick up your new dodge dart at the dealership. and all that's left to do is say thanks. easy. ♪ ♪
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> michael: most people don't realize this but brett erlich once dreamed 6 becoming a white house reporter. but for the dress code and the drug test he may well, a accomplished his goal. but as we often say in reference to brett his failure is our good fortune. so everyone calm down. brett's talking now.


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